BMO’s Privacy Policy

By using BMO Discord BOT you accept with its privacy policy.

1. What does it store?

BMO stores the following:

• Server IDs for servers data (prefixes, and other settings like logging, automod and so on), blacklist.
• User IDs for blacklist, temporary mutes and suggestions.

2. Who can access the data?

Following people can access ALL of the data:

• Bot developers

Following people can access secret data (servers data/settings, blacklists, suggestions and bug reports):

• Bot administrator
• Bot developers

Following people can access moderation logs, temporary mutes:

• Server moderators that the user was muted/warned in
• Everyone who has access to the log channel (Administrators of that discord GUILD may choose who may see it and normal discord USERS who don’t have the required permissions can not see who else has access.

Following people can access the command history:

• Everyone who is able to read the text channel which the command has been run inside of.
• Bot Developers

3. How can I get rid of the data stored?

• To remove all suggestions please DM a bot owner or mention them inside of the #general channel inside of the support server

4. Why does it store the data?

It stores server IDs for settings and data because:

• Without those most of the bot wouldn’t be functional. The loggs would break or wouldn’t be customisable, you couldn’t invoke any of the commands bot has.

It stores user IDs and guild IDs for logs, suggestions, reports, command logs, snipe logs:

• Bot needs to find the user that has the data stored in the database as - snipes, reports and return that data to them
• Bot needs to find the user that has data stored in database as - suggestions to know who was the owner of the suggestion and inform them when the suggestion was approved/denied. Also the users that followed that suggestion.

It stores server IDs and user IDs for blacklist because:

• We need to prevent people/servers that abuse the bot, break bot rules.

5. I’m questioning why do you need all this data, and this Privacy Policy doesn’t answer my question. What should I do?

Feel free to join the support server and/or contact EppyPrime#1461 (611108193275478018).

Please note, that we can change this policy without any warning at any given time.

Last changed: 17:16 28/7/2020